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This journal will be upated regularly depending on the availability of my commisions along with changes regarding guidlines and pricing. Until any futher notice all information below is valid and up to date.(Keep in mind, suggestions are welcome. However they are guaranteed to be put into effect)*

As this journal states in it's title commisions will be opened until filled. When they are filled I will not be accepting any more until my current list is completed, and I have the time to accept more of course. I would also like to apologize to those who were looking to commision me with "points". I'm sorry to say that I cannot afford to do them for points at the moment.

(All prices will be put in terms of U.S. dollars. If you are an international buyer then I am willing discuss payment with you seperatley)

*Clothing for all mediums will vary in price depending on complexity


(These will be drawn on 12in by 9in sized paper. I will send these to you as long as you pay for shipping) 

Character Drawings 

-Single pony character: 4.00$
-Human/anthro character: 6.00$
  -Additional characters: 5.00$ extra

-Shading: 3.00$ per character

Backgrounds: 2.50-5.00$ (depending on complexity)

 -any additional background characters(not the focus of the piece) 1.00$ each

Watercolor Paintings: (Paintings must be sent to you, we will discuss shipping before I start a painting)

*Note: each Watercolor canvas is 11in by 15in*
-Fully painted character: 20.50$ 
    -Additional characters: 25.50$
-Backgrounds(depending on complexity)could range from 5.00-20.00$




(canvas size varies depending on preference, this will not change the cost of the picture)


-Single pony character: 7.00$
-Single human/anthro character: 10.00$
 -  Additional characters:


  (Depending on complexity)5.00$-20.00$

: Commision: Sharing Lunch by AquaticSun

-Colored Lineart: (additional)

-Each character: 6.00$
 -Backgrounds: 5.00$-20.00$

Nursemaids by AquaticSun Collab: Luna by AquaticSun Dashie!(recolored) by AquaticSun BeachChaser by AquaticSun

Digital Paintings(Lineless):

-Single Pony Character: 20.00$
-Single Human/Anthro Character: 25.00$
    -Additional characters:

-Backgrounds: 3.00-15.00$
(Can vary depending on venue, and how elaborate you would like it to be.)


Commision Guidelines:

  • You must NOTE me if you are interested in commisioning me, please do not leave a comment in this journal.
  • You may request any other art outside of mlp and sonic. I am not limited to either of those franchises. ;)
  • All slots are first come first served.(Unless it is reserved, which I will not be doing unless I know that you will be ready to commision/pay me within that week)
  • I am willing to exchange any contact information with you (skype,email,etc.) if need be.
  • All payment will be through Paypal, no other means may be used.
  • Mature content such as gore and mild NSFW is acceptable(note me if you would like more information on these)
  • You may use your commisioned art for promotional or personal means(such as a song cover)However I must be notified of this in advance, and I MUST be credited for being the artist.(I have every right to claim my art, commisioned or not)
  • I also have the right to turn down any commision suggested for any reason. An alternative can be disscussed if this is the case.
  • I will request 1/3rd down payment of the final price for any commision I start. The rest must be payed once the final product is finished. 
  • Please Note me if you have any further questions.:)

*Remember, if you have any questions or concerns please contact me via NOTE* Thank you for your time!:iconapplejackplz:

Amandkyo-Su Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2014
I want a commission (or two~) but I'm not sure of what yet.
AquaticSun Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2014  Student Digital Artist
WAlright, whenever you have an idea of what you would like, just let me know.
So what have you been deciding between? 
Amandkyo-Su Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2014
I'm deciding between Pokemon, Animal Crossing and ponies. This is why I might need to order two from you X3
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