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April 9, 2013
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Gift for WhiteDiamondsLtd by AquaticSun Gift for WhiteDiamondsLtd by AquaticSun
To be honest I never planned this picture initially, it was more of a "spur of the moment" type of deal. But when I checked my deviantWATCH and saw that it was:iconwhitediamondsltd:'s birthday coming up I knew that I had to make something special for her.

You see she is a very special inspiration for me personally, and her art at the very least has made me understand the power of a single piece. One time I was extremely sad and no amount of chocolate ice cream, or episodes of Mlp could cure these feelings. They arose from my personal life and began to take over me. I watched WhiteDiamonds prior to this but I never really saw her art as nothing more that cute mlp fanart, little did I know how special her creations would be to me. I don't know why before I went to bed that night that I decided to refresh my deviantWATCH page thinking nothing of it. I never thought of other peoples art as something that could so easily raise my spirits. Let alone make any of my inhibitions disappear, but was soon proved to be wrong. One of the deviations caught my eye in particular that night. She had just posted the picture of Rainbowdash taking a snapshot with Pinkie pie titled "Say, Cheese Dashie"[link], and strange enough I started to smile. I'm not sure what came over me that night but that was the night that I realized what art was truly made for.

Beforehand I guess you can say that my views on art were very vague and I never saw it as anything beyond pretty pictures filled with detail and color. I never knew the true meaning as to why they are created or how they attract the human eye. That night she has shown me that pictures as simple as they can be, are there to make you feel emotion and hers were always ones of joy. From that moment on I knew that I wanted to be just like her, not in terms of style but the emotion that she would make the viewer feel. I wanted to make make people smile through my digital works with its cute and charming concept too. I wanted people to see my pictures in their times of distress and say "huh, its not so bad afterall" Her overall optimism and kind demeanor is just icing on the cake for her. She is one of the few famous artists who goes out of their way to tend to her fans and make sure that no matter who they are that they are heard. She is a wonderful person to talk to and even though I may have only talked to her a few times, the impression she left on me feels like a i've known her for a lifetime.

If you're reading this now :iconwhitediamondsltd: I guess what i'm really trying to say is that if it wasn't for you than I never would have found any inspiration for my future drawings. Now I feel like I have life in them even though many fail I always keep pushing to make the next better. You see this is one of my attempts at making my viewer have a positive happy feeling when looking at my picture, more specifically you. I wanted you to have a great birthday today and for it to be nothing less than special . I wish I had more than two days to work on this I really wanted to make it one of my best, since there is alot of areas that need cleaning up. I even threw in some Rarijack as a nice inclusion(if you see the little cakey-lipstick mark on Ajs cheek) as you always remind me of the that funny couple.:iconapplejackplz:

Im sorry if this was a little long for you to read, I wanted to give you my own special message before you flew off to read your numerous other ones regarding your birthday. I also had Applejack and Pinkie pie make you a cake but.... Rarity kinda ate it. d;

I know this picture isn't much, I still hope that it is able to crack a smile on not only your face but everyone else viewing this.(btw Applejacks apron says "Kiss the Cook" on it, I thought it would help tie it together)

EDIT: This made it on EQD!? Woa, no way... I guess this is my real beginning. Thank you guys so much!
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stardustsprinkleshin 2 days ago  Student Digital Artist
* i was walking in to check on the cake with rarity ... and i was quite amazed to see the progress aj and pinke made with but not as excited as rarity* me :happy birthday rari*i stop as i see her take a monster bite out of the cake and walk away like she did nothing* pinks and aj:uhhhhhhhhh wow * just had to add a story
Envirotech Mar 27, 2014  Hobbyist Photographer
XD "oh and I ate a bit of the cake" /)  motions with hoof.. Oh Raaartiy <3  hehe this is awesome!!  What a most lovely gift to give for another extraordinary artist!  ^_^    Hehe that Pinkie with balloons, of course she would to try and fix the cake XD  And poor AJ, I couldn't see her working on too many cakes per se, more so apple pies and, uh, apple related foods (making me hungry but it is around supper time here right now).   Whole image is just so great to look at, love Rar's little wink too,  I never thought she had it in her to eat that much cake!  Celestia has some competition.. XD hehe giggles.. Awesome work! <3
AquaticSun Apr 1, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Thank you very much, and yeah Applejack would seem more like a "apple" type of baker but I guess having her experiment with cake is not too bad right? :p (maybe it is made of Apples, you never know)

Either way i'm flattered that you like it so much, it really means alot to me.(especially now that I have the strangest idea to draw Rarity and Celestia in an "eat-off") XD

Thanks again:iconponyhugplz:
Envirotech Apr 4, 2014  Hobbyist Photographer
Oooh my gosh that would be too perfect ^_^  hehe Raarity the most beautiful and charming of all ponies, who secretly love to engorge on cake, or be covered in it from time to time :P  XD that ep.. And Celestia, whom of course we all know her secret is out after that other ep.  Curse you Gabby Gums!! /) shakes hoof in air.. hehe   XD   I could just imagine Pinkie Pie being the judge of that..  "Allright everypony, get ready for the cake off to end all debates!!"  hehehe   Also apple cake.. mmm now I'm getting hungry again >_< and all I have is bananas, might go to the store later on and change that up.. Ah no problem at all ^_^
aww cute :meow: i like rarity's face :XD:
KittenLollipop Dec 5, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
i thought they were looking at her flank for a second... I kind of went ummmmm
SilentSoulAri Jul 1, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Who knew that she had a belly to eat such a huge chuck of the cake? XD
AquaticSun Jul 1, 2013  Student Digital Artist
That's ponies for ya!:iconrarityumadbroplz:
SilentSoulAri Jul 1, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Ha ha! Yup! XD
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