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How was your holiday season? (comments are welcome) 

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A couple of artists and their pieces that I never posted up, but always intended to: :iconraritysmileplz: Enjoy.
Now I had never expected this particular picture to become as large as it did(in terms of the time invested, and the popularity), as it was just something to test my new tablet out when I first got it. By Her Side by AquaticSun(good o'l appleknight)

However :iconjuu50x: Took it a step further, and actually gave a bit more narrative to the piece. He did this by writing a fantastic One-shot fanfic based on it! You can read it here

My KnightI don’t own MLP: FiM or it's characters. They belong to Lauren Faust and Hasbro.
WARNING: Anthrofied Ponies inbound!
My Knight

She ran.
She ran as far as her hooves could carry her. The trees of the thick forest loomed over her, making her feel as small as a field mouse. The branches scratched her face, her white and blue dress, ripping it’s sleeves, lower parts and around her waist and messed up her mane.
For once,  she didn't care about the superficial. As all she cared about was running...from the Nightmare.
For all her efforts, it just wasn't enough. It still followed her, its aura easily matching her hooves. “Run, run all you want my dear Rarity...</b>” a sinister voice purred mockingly. “YOU CANNOT ESCAPE ME!</b>”
Both predator and prey knew that eventually she would tire out.  Hooves were no match for magic.
Despite the hopelessness of her situation, Rarity refused to  give up just yet. She squeezed ev
or on his fanfic account be sure to also support his other writings if you enjoyed this one. He has tons of other finished material to keep you entertained if you like his style.


Alongside that, a good friend of mine :iconthatasianmike: also did a piece based on this same one. It was a kind of a semi- Birthday present. Regardless it came out really well (especially the colors), and he put a lot of effort in to making it.Crystal Conjurer and Apple Aegis by ThatAsianMike be sure to give it some love if you can, along with his other works as well.

Back to Fanfics real quick, I recently did cover art for :iconpwnetunes97fm:(Caddy Finz)Commish: ClusterBuck to CityHall by AquaticSun for his Fanfic "ClusterBuck to City Hall". Which is a nice twist to an 80's venue starring Octavia and Vynl. It's a bit on the adult side, but it has a weird charm to it (as you can tell by the cover). 

Anyway he just released Chapter 5 for it,and is still writing the rest of it out. But if you don't mind it unfinished, and you're interested in something different in terms of a fanfic; then this is well worth your time. ^^

I think that's all for now. I do have a few other artists in particular to showcase as well, but for the time being i'll save them to be posted at a later date.:iconfluttershywinkplz: Until then, enjoy.

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