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It's been too long since my last few posts. With everything that's been going on, and trying to find the time to do side art; things have become difficult as a result. As of late, any spare time given I've squandered on side projects or sleep... It's been terrible. Especially since I was so involved in doing fanart, that now it feels empty having to do other art without any escape on the side.

I feel like I've been so neglectful as well, especially to everyone of my friends and followers on here. A lot of you have been supportive of me through thick and thin, and having produced nothing for this page and this fandom just makes me feel horrible... 

Thus I've decided to ditch any hobbies I have aside from art, and attempt to make it all I do in my free time again. I wanted to dive into another fanart rush by vending at EQLA this year (since Bronycon was too far due to my relocation) 

Unfortunately a lot financial issues came up with the con, along with the people I was going to room with having to cancel. Which is few hundred more I didn't anticipate on covering, on top of other expenses. What makes this even worse is that I can't cancel the table. Even if I could I was hoping to use the con funds toward a new computer, which I desperately need at this point... The one I have now can hardly run my tablet driver and Picarto at the same time without heavy lag. Hence why my streams were scarce... ^^;

To make matters worse. My tablet pen was stolen a week or so ago, so I have to rent one from my school to do any digital art.(which they won't let me rent all the time sadly) So buying a new one is on the list of expenses as well. 

I plan on opening commissions again, since I have the few
 other ones either taken care of, or are in progress. I can only have 3 slots open for now in order to still have time for my con merch. Not sure if I can do anything but linearted pictures either, since lineless takes up a lot of time. 

So i'll put the slots here for now and update them once(or if) they get filled, please note me if you would be interested in getting something. Be sure to check my prices beforehand as well-  Commision Information*NOTICE: 
This journal will be upated regularly depending on the availability of my commisions along with changes regarding guidlines and pricing. Until any futher notice all information below is valid and up to date.(Keep in mind, suggestions are welcome. However they are guaranteed to be put into effect)*
As this journal states in it's title commisions will be opened until filled. When they are filled I will not be accepting any more until my current list is completed, and I have the time to accept more of course. I would also like to apologize to those who were looking to commision me with "points". I'm sorry to say that I cannot afford to do them for points at the moment.
(All prices will be put in terms of U.S. dollars. If you are an international buyer then I am willing discuss payment with you seperatley)



Money's real tight so any commission, big or small would mean the world to me.:iconapplejackplz: i'm real flexible so please fire any idea you have at me. :meow:

Also if you can't afford a commission, or you're able to give some pocket change I set up a small donation box:

If you're able donate something as small as a dollar, or even a few cents it would really help. ^^

Finally a huge thank you to those who've stuck around through my absence; along with those who just started following me. Hopefully I can continue to make work you'll each enjoy in some way. Thank you all again! :iconpinkiepiesmileplz:

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