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Hello again everyone, it's been almost a month since the last journal ive posted, and several weeks since my last submission. As much as I want to say the word "busy" over and over my inactivity runs a bit deeper than that, and I feel like more of an explanation is owed to you all.

Aside from a packed schedule, i've felt really restricted artistically, making it difficult to continue working on fanart. Especially fleshed out pieces that I feel like you all deserve. Instead i'll make something, hate it, and never to finish it.

Unfortunately, As I kept trying to push myself along this creative slump; I noticed all the artists I talk to or know blooming at an alarming rate. It's like they really know what they want from their work and lay it down consistently. They have all these projects or series people follow and really enjoy, while i'm still here almost at square one. Taking shots in the dark until something seems to work, but then it never feels right.

Eventually as I look at everyone else, I feel left behind. I wonder often if i'm even needed as an artist? I mean what message do I really convey through my art? Maybe you can tell me what draws you to it, but when I look at I just see more work that needs to be done.

That's just what I plan to do though, after feeling like this I still want to keep pushing myself. Trying new things as I go and attempting to keep my work diverse.To show that on here i'll be doing a small series of "Daily Drawings" (DD for short). Which will allow me to keep myself active-ish, while giving everyone some new artwork on my end.

Of course I will continue to do detailed illustrations, but these daily drawings are going to be small traditional drawings to fill the gaps.  I am willing to take suggestions for them as well (Note these are not requests and I will be fairly selective as to which ones I choose). Still feel free to comment here if you have a character/concept that you'd like to see me tackle.(non-pony is encouraged, but i'm still fine with doing mlp art)

Finally and most importantly I am almost caught up with commissions(which has also eaten up quite a bit of time). Although, i'm not sure if I will open any new ones anytime soon, I'd like to first check and see if anyone was missed from the last wave. Regardless if you are currently waiting on one, don't worry I have been working on them to the best of my ability.:iconfluttershywinkplz: expect a note to be sent to you once it's completed.

As always message me if you have any questions or concern guys. Hopefully some fun zest will show through these small drawings. :meow: In the meantime i'd like to thank those who continue to be supportive throughout my inactivity. you've all been fantastic. :iconapplejackplz:

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